General Warranty Conditions

  1. Interpretation

The following terms and conditions regulate the warranty services carried out by the NITEHOG Europe GmbH (“NITEHOG”) in relation with the products sold by NITEHOG (“Products”).
Without prejudice to the statutory warranty for the products, NITEHOG provides warranty services within the specified below periods from the date of sale or – if no proof of purchase can be presented – from the date of manufacture.

  1. Warranty
  • Nitehog guarantess that the products are free from mechanical defects and faulty workmanship. This warranty only applies to products which were sold in the region of the European Union.
  • All products are covered by a 60 months warranty. For sensors, electronics, circuit boards and displays the warranty period is 36 months

2.3. The warranty period applies from the original date of purchase or from the manufacturing date if there is no document to prove purchase.

2.4. The warranty does not cover batteries or any other consumable item.

2.5. The warranty will be voided if the factory-applied serial number has been altered or removed from the product.

2.6. The warranty will not apply in case of damage, malfunction or failure resulting from alterations by the client, accident, misuse of the product, fire, liquid spillage, misadjustment of customer controls, using incorrect voltage, power surges and dips, thunderstorm activity, acts of God, tampering or unauthorized third-party repairs, use of defective or incompatible accessories, exposure to abnormally corrosive conditions or entry by any insect, vermin or foreign object in the product.

2.7. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the product. (items that can be subjects to wear and tear are batteries, chargers, bags, handles, lens caps, buttons, levers, straps etc.)

2.8. The warranty is an additional service by NITEHOG and does not affect the customer’s statutory warranty and other statutory rights.

  1. Authorized Repair

3.1. “Repair” means any service action carried out on the product which leads to restoring any faulty state of the device to fully operational where access to internal parts of the device is required.

3.2. Warranty cover will be voided if a repair has been attempted by unauthorized persons. NITEHOG shall not be liable for reimbursements, claims and/or damages that may result from unauthorized repairs of the product.

3.3. To process the warranty case, please contact the seller of your device or the NITEHOG Service Center. The address is:

Pistoriusstrasse 6A
D-13086 Berlin

Telephone:       +49 (0) 30 / 9606 670 220
Fax:                 +49 (0) 30 / 9606 670 229

Email address:

3.4. In order to prevent damage during transport, all products which are subject to the warranty process, must be packed in sturdy shipping boxes, in addition to the box, that they are sold in.

3.5  In addition, the shipment must include the following items:

  • Detailed description of the arisen problem and indicating error conditions.
  • Copy of the original sale document showing when and where the product was purchased.
  • Return Shipping Information, including return address and contact person with phone number.
  • Warranty Card filled in by the seller

NITEHOG can refuse the warranty service, if the warranty card is not included in the shipment, or is not filled out completely. These warranty conditions apply to NITEHOG products that were sold after November 1st, 2020.