Detect hidden images

Thermal imaging technology

With Nitehog Thermal imaging devices (cameras), you will be instantly independent of lighting and weather conditions. This cutting-edge technology enables you to observe around the clock everything that  would otherwise remain invisible to the human eye. Without any additional equipment or artificial light sources, Nitehog Thermal imaging devices (cameras) convert even the smallest temperature differences into a detailed picture of the environment – even in poor visibility conditions such as rain, storm, fog or snow. Nitehog Thermal imaging devices (cameras) are not only for hunters who want to play it safe, but also for the most demanding photographers and other nature and wildlife enthousiasts.


  • Highly Sensitive Core
  • New thermal imaging sensor with 12 µm pixel pitch
  • Independent from residual light and weather conditions
  • Quickly produces a clear image over long distances and large areas of land
  • Pocket sized devices that are easy to carry
  • Long operation time
  • Different Color Palettes for Detection
  • Successful and safe at the thorough search: heat source detection already at great distances
  • Thermals bridges detection at the dwelling
  • Range of applications through increased safety requirements (object protection)